Vaishnava Samhita. Vishnudevi Charitam. Vol II Book VI Chp 9 Shlokas 15 - 17

सर्वसद्गुणसंपूर्णं त्वां दृष्ट्वा पुरुषोत्तमम्  |
कामयेत कथं नारी नरमन्यं नपुंसकम्  ||
पादच्छायामुपाश्रित्य विच्छिन्नगृहश्शृङ्खला |
भवामि करुणासिन्धो सम्प्राप्तसुखजीवना ||
खरविष्टोपमान् भोगान् कामये नाहमच्युत |
सत्यं सत्यं पुनः त्वमेवासि गतिर्मम ||

Will a woman love any other ordinary man comparable to a eunuch, after coming into contact with You, the most virtuous, powerful and the very embodiment of masculinity? Oh! Ocean of compassion! I shall quit the house, take refuge in Your holy feet and become blessed with a happy life. Oh! Achyuta! I do not long to enjoy sense pleasures which are comparable to the dung of the donkey in their meanness. I reiterate the fact that You are my only hold in life.