Vaishnava Samhita. Dhruvadasa Charitam. Vol II Book VI Chp 7 Shlokas 3 - 4

पाशहस्ते महाघोरे काले तिष्ठति पृष्ठतः  |
अविवेकेन संमूढा वर्तन्ते भववर्त्मनि  ||
पूर्वं जन्म न जानन्ति न तथा मरणात्परम् | 
अल्पकाले विमुह्यन्ति संसारसुखलोलुपाः  ||

Even while Yama is standing vigilant at their heels with the rope in hand, foolish men take delight in earthly life. People do not know where we were before this birth and where we will be after death. But they get intoxicated in the paltry pleasures available during their short span of life.