Vaishnava Samhita. Meera Charitam I. Vol II Book VI Chp 12 Shlokas 11 - 13

सङ्गीतशास्त्रतत्वज्ञा वीणावादनकोविदा |
सुन्दरी प्रेमभावज्ञा नवयौवनसंभृता ||
सन्ततं मधुरैर्गीतैर्गायन्ती गिरिधारिणम् |
लोकवेदौ न सस्मार गोविन्दहृतमानसा ||   

There was a famous princess named Meera. She had nurtured prema bhakti towards Lord Krishna right from her childhood. She was very good at singing and was an adept in playing on the Veena. She was young, charming and had a deep understanding of the essence of prema bhava. She was always engaged in singing melodiously in praise of Shri Giridhari. Due to her deep love for Him she was oblivious to the restrictions imposed by Vedic precepts and the code of worldly life.