Vaishnava Samhita. Premanidhi Charitam. Vol III Book VI Chp 19 Shlokas 19 - 20

मार्गादपगतस्तत्र कण्टकेषु चरन् पतन् |
न प्रप्प क्लेशलेशञ्च यमुनाजलमुद्वहन् ||
तत्रैव बालकः कश्चिद्पूर्णचन्द्रसमाननः |
उल्कामादाय हस्तेन मार्गं शुद्धमदर्शयत् ||

He could not walk steadily and fell down many times on the thorny and slushy path. He was not at all perturbed while walking with great difficulty holding the pot of Yamuna water in his hand. At that time there came a young boy with a lustrous face resembling the full-moon. With the torch in his hand he showed the right way to the bhakta.