Vaishnava Samhita. Narayana Muni Charitam. Vol III Book VI Chp 21 Shlokas 18 - 21

न त्वं राधासखी नूनं न त्वं वल्लवसुन्दरी |
तस्मादेव करोषि त्वं कुलधर्मं यथाविधि ||
कर्मभूमिरियं नास्ति दिव्यभूमिरियं स्मृता |
अत्रागत्वापि ते ब्रह्मन्न हि नश्यति वासना ||
श्रीकृष्णरसमाधुर्यपूरिते यमुनावने |
अत्र नैवावकाशोस्ति कर्मणां लोकवेदयोः ||
नापेक्षा स्व्र्गलाभाय नोपेक्षा नरकाय च |
नावकाशोस्ति गोपीनां पापपुण्यविनिर्णये ||

You are not a mate of Devi Radha, nor are you a Gopi. That is why you are still strictly following the practices of your clan. This is not a place for rituals. This is a sacred land. Your desire for karma has not left you even after coming here. Shri Brindavan is filled with the nectar of Krishna consciousness eternally. There is no time available here to perform rituals. The Gopis are not fond of Swarga or afraid of Naraka. They have no time to think over papa (sins) or punya (merits)