Vaishnava Samhita. Shridaswami Charitam. Vol III Book VII Chp 11 Shlokas 1 - 5


दुष्टाश्च पामरा मूढाः सदाचारविवर्जिताः |

अचिरेणैव सत्सङ्गात्पूयन्ते ते यदृच्छया ||

न तथा सांख्ययोगाभ्यां न यज्ञैर्न व्रतादिभिः |

यथा सत्सङ्गमात्रेण पूयते करणाशयः ||

घोरे कलौ युगे नृणां विश्वासं नैव कुर्वताम् |

पापाचारेण युक्तानां पावनं साधुसेवनम् ||

तितिक्षवः कारुणिका निःस्वार्थचरिताश्च ते |

पावयन्ति जगत्सर्वं साधवः साधुभूषणाः ||

स्वयं नारायणो देवः पादरेण सतामपि |

श्रद्धया शिरसा धत्ते किं पुनर्मादृशा नराः ||

Shri Sadguru said

Eeven those people who are ignorant, foolish, wicked and are endowed with a bad character get purified easily and within a very short time when they happen to get the association of the sadhus. Cleansing of the hearts is not achieved that easily with the help of other means like performing yajnas, adopting austerities, contemplating on the Self and following the precepts of Yoga. The association with the sadhus cleanses the hearts very easily. In the dreadful Kaliyuga, only the company of the sadhus is the means to attain purity of hearts for people who are generally insincere and bad. The sadhus who are endowed with forbearance, tolerance, sympathy and selflessness and are adorned with a good conduct purify the whole world. Even Lord Narayana, the Supreme Soul bears on His head, with very great reverence, the sacred dust of the feet of the sadhus. Then what to speak of ordinary people as we are?