Sri Krishna Premi Maharaj

Our Guru and Founder of Brahma Sabha


Brahma Sabha promotes research and the education of Indian arts, studies, and culture to Indians and to non-Indian nationals residing outside India.

Vedas, Sanskrit, Puranas, Bhajans, Indian Music, Dance, Meditation, Japa, and Yoga are cornerstone areas for Brahma Sabha.

Our focus is on sponsoring various parayanam scripture readings, katha shravanam spiritual talks/discourses, and related activities. The organization is funded primarily through voluntary contributions, sponsorship, and through the distribution of material dealing with spirituality, Sanatana Dharma, and India related studies.

Brahma Sabha utilizes the path of devotion as the foundation for spiritual progress and attaining divinity.  

This Sabha also serves as an international point of unity for the devotees of guru Sri Krishna Premi Maharaj, who is also affectionately known as Sri Sri Anna or Premi Anna.