Sanskrit is one of the oldest languages in the world.  Spoken by seers and saints of ancient India, it forms a foundation for the study of various languages, cultures, and philosophies.  Join us to learn how to read Sanskrit easily and progress to your own desired level of reading fluency!





Yoga is an amazing gift to the world from the Indian subcontinent.  There is not a country in the world that does not have people benefiting from incorporating yoga in their lives.  Join us to learn the basics of yoga and how to include its benefits in your own life!




Sri Krishna Premi Maharaj (Sri Sri Anna) has blessed us with thousands of amazing Keertanas.  Several are in sets of 100 called Shatakams.  Whether you are a beginner in learning Carnatic music or you are already an expert, you will find learning the Shatakam Keertanas to be an uplifting, enjoyable, and amazing experience!  





The devotional reading of Scriptures is known as parayanam.  It provides many amazing blessings for participants and transforms their lives spiritually.  Join us to learn how to enjoy reading scriptures such as Sundarakandam, Srimad Ramayanam, Srimad Bhagavatham, Dasama Skandam, and the Bhagavat Gita!