Quote from our guests:

What a blissful Harikatha by Smt. Vishaka Hari today evening. Thoroughly enjoyed listening to her divine discourse. Though the event didn’t start on time, it filled my heart and soul and mind with positive energy. As such I love Hanumanji, but after hearing to her Sundarakandam today, I crave to become one of Hanumanji’s truthful servants.

I am speechless while trying to describe the divine ability of Smt. Vishaka Hari. She has clearly proved that if one has chosen the right path in spirituality, all the 16 skills will come to them automatically. She has the beauty, charm, and a multi dimensional expertise about Carnatic Music, Harikatha, Spirituality, Politics, History, Geography, linguistic skills, presentation skills, humility, wit, sense of humor, oh my.... The list goes on and on..... TRULY BLESSED.
— Smt. Minu, Akshaya Music Academy

Event made possible by:

Brahma Sabha sponsor families residing in Arlington Heights, Aurora, Bartlett, Grayslake, Lake Barrington, Minneapolis, Naperville, Oakbrook, Palatine, Schaumburg, Vernon Hills, & Wheeling.  The Nuggehalli family and other Devotee families in Naperville, North Carolina, & Westmont. Organizational sponsors including: