Vaishnava Smhita. Shri Krishnadasa Charitam. Vol III Book VII Chp 6 Shlokas 5 - 7

रञ्जनी नाम वेश्यासीद्रमणीमुखाम्बुजा |

रागतालविशेषज्ञा नाट्यलीलाविशारदा ||

भावज्ञा भव्यहृदया रसिकानन्ददायिनी |

लीलाकटाक्षमात्रेण पुंसां हरति मानसम् ||

वल्लकीं रणयन्ती सा सुस्वरं मधुरं जगौ |

राधामुकुन्दयोर्लीलां वर्णयन्ती पदे पदे ||

There was a prostitute named Ranjani with a very charming face. She was an adept in dancing and had deep knowledge of the rules of raga and tala. She used to lure the hearts of men with a very look at them. With a humble disposition she acted according to the moods of the people who came to her with desire. She used to play on the Veena very melodiously, accompanied by her vocal recital through which she expressed the divine sports of Devi Radha and Lord Krishna in a very sweet tone.