Vaishnava Samhita. Dhruvadasa Charitam. Vol II Book VI Chp 7 Shlokas 5 - 7

अनित्यं यौवनं ह्येतदनित्यं सुन्दरं वपुः  |
न पश्यन्ति तथाप्येवं कामदूषितमानसाः  || 
अनन्तकोटिजीवानां जननं मरणं तथा  |
पश्यन्ति न जानन्ति मायाचक्रं जगद्गुरोः  || 
ममकारेण सम्युक्ता धनदार गृहादिषु  |
न जानन्ति परं तत्वमानन्दं हृदयस्थितम् ||

Men who hanker after pleasures never think and realize the fickle nature of youth or the perishability of the body. Even when they watch and witness the birth and the death of crores of beings every day, they do not recognize the pall of illusion spread by Bhagavan. Those who take pride in the possession of wife, wealth, property, etc fail to realize the Supreme Being residing in their hearts.